Our Milk Products

MilkWe offer hormone and steroid free Milk & Ice-Cream.

Creamline - Pure Milk

Just like Grandma used to buy, this milk is not homogenized. Make sure you shake it up or pour the cream off the top before you pour yourself a glass.

Skim, 2%, and Whole

We produce milks of the same fat content that you're used to buying. Ours however contain no rBST/rBGH and contain only the milk from our herd of cows. No additives, fillers or water is added to our milk.

Chocolate Milk

Using all-natural ingredients and our whole milk, we produce silky delicious chocolate milk. Try some today.

We're always looking to expand our distribution. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, visit our Become a Distributor page for details. If you'd like to see our products carried at your local store, perhaps you could point the store-owner in our direction.

Thank you for visiting our Website. We hope to see you out here on the farm soon.

Greg & Dory
Crooked Creek Farm Dairy
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