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About our Farm

From a very young age I, Greg Hill, had milked cows. After getting married, Dory and I decided that store-bought milk tasted terrible, and did not compare to the farm produced milk out of our own tanks. At that time, we began to pasteurize our own milk in a two-gallon processor.

Dory & I could not figure out what the big dairies did to the milk to destroy the flavor.

We went out on a limb in 1981 and put in our own processing plant. After processing the milk we found that the flavor had not changed at all. The milk lasted 17-18 days without any preservatives.

Recently, we started to produce Creamline Milk for our five grandchildren. It's pastuerized but not homogenized. Homogenization breaks down the fats in milk so that they do not separate. We think the old-fashioned way was actually a better way. Letting the cream come to the top has it's own benefits. Our grandchildren and our customers now rave about the quality of this milk.

In addition to Creamline, we carry homogenized whole, 2%, skim, and chocolate milk.

We hope you'll try our milk. We're sure once you've tried it you will never look at grocery-store milk the same way again.

Thank you for visiting our Website. We hope to see you out here on the farm soon.

Greg & Dory
Crooked Creek Farm Dairy
Michigan Produced
Milk, Meat and Dairy Products Established 1981