Do You Know What's in Your Milk?

Aerial photo of the Crooked Creek FarmWe offer hormone and steroid free Milk & Ice-Cream.


Our milk is sold at many locations in the Detroit area. Use our Where to Buy page to find a location near you.

We sell great selections of organic products such as herbs, frozen vegetables, cereals, flour (including gluten-free), soups, seasonings, cleaning products, health and hygiene products, snacks, cookies, and more.

We sell Majesty Bells, Naked Bee and many other great items in our Gift Shop.

We're always looking to expand our distribution. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, visit our Become a Distributor page for details. If you'd like to see our products carried at your local store, perhaps you could point the store-owner in our direction.

Thank you for visiting our Website. We hope to see you out here on the farm soon.

Greg & Dory
Crooked Creek Farm Dairy
Michigan Produced
Milk, Meat and Dairy Products Established 1981